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US-5783651-A: Process for the production of poly (diorganosiloxane)/polycarbonate block copolymers patent, US-5799509-A: Multi-component recovery apparatus and method patent, US-5912721-A: Gaze detection apparatus and its method as well as information display apparatus patent, US-5914088-A: Apparatus for continuously annealing amorphous alloy cores with closed magnetic path patent, US-5920568-A: Scheduling apparatus and scheduling method patent, US-5949735-A: Row decoder for semiconductor memory device patent, US-6259570-B1: Image readout lens patent, US-6291816-B1: System and method for measuring object features with coordinated two and three dimensional imaging patent, US-6304683-B1: Image scanning apparatus, method of scanning images, and recording medium for realizing the method patent, US-6354631-B1: Toy for producing a concealed message and revealing a received concealed message patent, US-6372556-B1: Semiconductor device having a fuse and fabricating method therefor patent, US-6398413-B1: Spindle motor unit having hydrodynamic bearing patent, US-6430245-B1: Method for transmitting digital data over a capacitive interface with data integrity patent, US-6473219-B1: Method and apparatus for asymetrical optical modulation patent, US-6531388-B2: Method of forming an aluminum film for use in manufacturing a semiconductor device patent, US-6592881-B1: Sebum removing method patent, US-6599654-B2: Fuel cell and multi-element stack therefor patent, US-6650138-B2: Display device test procedure and apparatus patent, US-3814259-A: Cylindrical vacuum filter patent, US-3859096-A: Crosslinking polymeric dye mordants patent, US-3860357-A: Rotary steam engine patent, US-3884451-A: Mixing apparatus and method patent, US-3896023-A: Process for producing synthetic coking coal patent, US-3899681-A: Electron beam device patent, US-3911656-A: Device for surveying thread breakage, especially for automatic connecting devices in spinning machines patent, US-3913010-A: Means and method for measuring electrical-ground resistance between earth-separated locations patent, US-3915237-A: Rapid fire suppressant discharge patent, US-3925852-A: Bag closure device patent, US-3938618-A: Speaker grille screen and mounting structure patent, US-3971571-A: Front wheel suspension unit for motorcycles patent, US-3983365-A: Tape readers patent, US-3994061-A: Machine tool with an automatic tool changer patent, US-3998530-A: Angularly movable mirror assembly patent, US-4017911-A: Heart valve with a sintered porous surface patent, US-4023399-A: Method and apparatus for detecting the presence of yarns patent, US-4030321-A: Padlock with protected slide bolt and locking means patent, US-4055993-A: Sub-cyclic measurement of speed of an internal combustion engine patent, US-4057340-A: Single component color development system patent, US-4064541-A: Constant pulse width sync regenerator patent, US-4071305-A: Transducer for conversion of tidal current energy patent, US-4112527-A: Temporary stopper for outlets of toilet bowls patent, US-4164940-A: Dental cleaning and massaging apparatus patent, US-4172634-A: Cam follower for variable power scopes patent, US-4173115-A: Yarn forming apparatus with node welding patent, US-4210672-A: Preparation of yogurt patent, US-4239389-A: Vehicle wheel and body alignment diagnosing system patent, US-4253975-A: Aqueous lubricants containing metal hydrocarbyl dithiophosphates patent, US-4268465-A: Method of accelerating the cooling of polymeric articles patent, US-4285339-A: Electronic closed loop servomechanism and electronic scuba regulator therefor patent, US-4325447-A: Power-assisted steering device and the manufacture thereof patent, US-4326616-A: Clutch system for a vehicle patent, US-4348544-A: Recovery of propane from HF alkylation vent gas patent, US-4387558-A: Method for lining a housing of a fiber opening device and roller patent, US-4388459-A: Certain cinnamic acid or propiolic acid derivatives patent, US-4403551-A: Pneumatically propelled duct motor patent, US-4412372-A: Method of manufacturing bearing rings ruptured along an arrow-shaped partition line patent, US-4417703-A: Quick retrieve cord reel patent, US-4420202-A: Plural phase cable couplers patent, US-4431986-A: Digital to analog and analog to digital converters with bipolar output signals patent, US-4441444-A: Anti-friction apparatus for cloth feedplate patent, US-4501741-A: Cephalosporin antibiotics patent, US-4522553-A: Combine power boost system patent, US-4578171-A: Air/fuel ratio detector patent, US-4579650-A: Coal enhancement process and equipment patent, US-4607989-A: Machine tool patent, US-4611552-A: Boarding steps patent, US-4640339-A: Apparatus for carrying out physical and/or chemical processes, more specifically a heat exchanger of the continuous type patent, US-4665519-A: Wireless computer modem patent, US-4750730-A: Arrangement for the handling of stacked sheets patent, US-4772162-A: Gripping apparatus patent, US-4827474-A: System and method of adjusting the interstation delay in an information transmission system patent, US-4831377-A: Method and apparatus for reduced settling time in a filter for a DC voltage patent, US-4835958-A: Process for directing a combustion gas stream onto rotatable blades of a gas turbine patent, US-4912016-A: High contrast photographic recording material and emulsion and process for their development patent, US-4970920-A: Lever-actuated, hand-held, power tool patent, US-4988575-A: Method of providing titanium and alloys thereof with a protective coating patent, US-5003534-A: Link utilization control mechanism for demand assignment satellite communications network patent, US-5014160-A: EMI/RFI shielding method and apparatus patent, US-5019543-A: High silica crystalline zeolites and process for their preparation patent, US-5031393-A: Mower patent, US-5043078-A: Water oxygenating and purifying method patent, US-5054041-A: High precision x-ray collimator patent, US-5058498-A: Structure of aluminum can crusher patent, US-5073056-A: Monolythic cap for writing implements patent, US-5118968-A: Special mode activation circuit for selectively activating a special mode circuit of a semiconductor integrated circuit device patent, US-5135049-A: Vent line in the cooling circuit of an internal combustion engine patent, US-5207155-A: Apparatus for printing matter onto objects patent, US-5305971-A: Spacecraft control by electrochromic devices patent, US-5345078-A: Mass spectrometry method using notch filter patent, US-5459452-A: Wet bed and patient wander alarm system with snap-on and magnet transmitter assembly patent, US-5468582-A: Fused optical layer and method of making patent, WO-2012124401-A1: Imaging device patent, US-5469953-A: Transport mechanism for IC handlers patent, US-5672722-A: Color fade inhibitor patent, US-5726690-A: Control of ink drop volume in thermal inkjet printheads by varying the pulse width of the firing pulses patent, US-5727248-A: System for remote diagnosis of image forming apparatuses, including intelligent communications control for data therefrom patent, US-5762728-A: Wear-resistant cast aluminum alloy process of producing the same patent, US-5805543-A: Tilt control apparatus based on pulsed width detection of an information reproduced signal patent, US-5890054-A: Emergency mobile routing protocol patent, US-6009130-A: Multiple access digital transmitter and receiver patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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